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College of Agriculture, Vellayani takes pride to conduct the most auspicious activity under the academic segment which is the 'Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme' or called as RAWE and 'Experiential Learning Programme' offered by different departments.

The success of Agricultural Education depends on the effectiveness of the system to mould graduates with the right combination of professional competencies. The course on Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) has been designed primarily with this objective to equip, the agricultural graduates with a clear vision about the rural community, the socio-economic conditions of the farmers, and their problems with reference to agricultural development. RAWE is more field-oriented in order to develop the skills in the students for solving problems related to agriculture and to prepare developmental projects. The entire programme consists of 15modules specifically designed with the above objective.

Niravu 2018- RAWE 2015 Admission
Students at kole land