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Two Bright Stars from CoA Vellayani Shine in Global Academic Arenas

The student community of the College of Agriculture (CoA), Vellayani, is brimming with pride as two of its distinguished students, Drisya Kuriyedath and Aswathy Sreekumar, have secured admissions into prestigious international master's programs.

Drisya Kuriyedath is set to advance her academic journey with not just one, but two master's programs. She has been accepted into the M.Sc. Programme in 'Agricultural Economics' at the University of Hohenheim, Germany—a course that promises to deepen her understanding of the economic aspects of agriculture. Further enriching her expertise, Drisya will also join the M.Sc. Programme in Global Environment and Development (MERGED) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. This program is renowned for integrating environmental science with development studies, positioning Drisya at the forefront of sustainable development education.

Aswathy Sreekumar, another luminary from the CoA, has made her mark by getting accepted into the Sustainable International Agriculture program, a collaboration between the University of Göttingen and University of Kassel in Germany. This program is designed to equip graduates with knowledge and skills for sustainable agricultural practices on an international scale. Aswathy's academic pursuit doesn't stop there; she will also be partaking in the Danube AgriFood Master DAfM Erasmus Joint Master Program. This unique program brings together the collective expertise of institutions in the Czech Republic and Austria, focusing on agri-food chains from a global perspective.

As they prepare to embark on these exciting educational endeavors, Drisya and Aswathy set inspiring examples for fellow students, proving that with dedication and excellence, the path to international recognition is well within reach.  The entire community from CoA Vellayani extends their warmest congratulations to both Drisya and Aswathy for their exceptional achievements.



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