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Sports & Recreation Facilities


The college has exceptional indoor and outdoor stadium facilities for sports and games and is regarded as one of the best in the state.  

Athletics, sports and, games are conducted as part of the Physical Education courses and competitions at the college and University levels. 

These are available to the students for recreation. The indoor stadium is open to the students from 6 - 8 am and 5-7 pm on all working days.  In addition, the facilities are also open to the public, including organizations and institutions on request. 

During the National Games, 2015, three major events viz. triathlon, netball, and taekwondo were hosted by the College. Details of the sports and recreational facilities are as follows:

Particulars/ facility





Speciality to conduct hands on training






Indoor Stadium  (multipurpose- games,judo and gym)

1500 m2




A physical education instructor  has been posted on  contract basis.

Open Playground 

27600 m2


All sports gear and equipments  are available  

Football court

120 m x 70m


Basketball court

28m  x 15m


Volleyball court

18m  x 9 m


Badminton courts

13.40 m x 6.1m


Table Tennis 


2  tables

Cricket ground

130 m x 60 m


Athletics – facilities for track and  field events





Reading rooms, TV rooms, wifi

facilities  in hostels 


Sports- table tennis

Available in Indoor stadium and hostel

Judo hall, Weight

Training Hall and

Gymnastic Hall

Indoor stadium. Halls are 50m x 12m each and the Gym is fully established with all equipments. Remains open from 6 am in the morning


Near the administrative block. Is open on all working days from 8.30 am till 5 pm. Breakfast, tea, lunch, and snacks are available


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