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Dr. Anith K. Narayanan

Dr. Anith K. Narayanan
Professor and Head
Mobile Phone No: 
Address (Residence): 
Narayanam, Vattavila
Keezhoor, Vellayani P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala 695522
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Graduated in Agricultural Science from Kerala Agricultural University (1990)

Post Graduation in Microbiology from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (1993)

Ph.D in Microbiology from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (1997)

Postdoctoral training at University of Florida, USA (2003)

Joined Kerala Agricultural University as Assistant Professor (Microbiology) in the year1997

Area of specialization: Plant-microbe interactions, Biological control of Plant Diseases

Major research achievements:

  • Isolated, characterized and developed the Pseudomonas fluorescensstrain PN026, currently being commercially distributed by KAU
  • For the first time developed a fungal-bacterial co-culture system in a single fermentation vessel, involving the beneficial endophytic fungus, Piriformospora indica ¬†and PGPR strain Bacillus pumilus VLY17
  • Developed a rapid and effective screening procedure for selection of efficient bacterial antagonists against Phytophthoracapsici
  • Developed a coconut water based, farmer-friendly filed level multiplication method for Pseudomonas fluorescens PN026
  • Formulated a coconut water based liquid bioformulation for Pseudomonas fluorescens PN026
  • Devised for the first time in vitro screening methods for testing antagonism of one or a couple of bacterial biocontrol isolate(s) against multiple fungal phytopathogns in a single agar plate


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College of Agriculture
Kerala Agricultural University
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala 695522